Polynesian Leaves Wallpaper – Scrubbable Banana Leaves White Wallpaper


This Polynesian Tropical Leaves Wallpaper from Norwall is a Tropical Banana Leaves White Wallpaper.

How many rolls do you need?

Tropical Banana Leaves White Wallpaper Standard Colours: 

This Polynesian Tropical Leaves Wallpaper comes in greens with a white background.
We advise either sticking this wallpaper on a light coloured wall or contact us to order some White Lining Paper.

Polynesian Tropical Leaves Wallpaper Roll Size:

Each roll is 52cm x 10m long. We suggest ordering at least 2 rolls of this Tropical Leaves Wallpaper – this is enough to fill an average (3m x 2.8m) South African wall.

How much Wallpaper do I need?

Each roll covers up to up to 5.2m² but we suggest being more conservative with your measurements as there can be a 20% wastage. Please use our handy Wallpaper Roll Calculator (which takes that wastage into account) below:

Keep in mind that wallpaper is printed in batches (loads of rolls at once) and each batch can have slight colour differences. So, using the idea of “ordering more later” may result in colour variances. We suggest instead to order a little more than you need all together to ensure the colour is the same. Then, if there is left over wallpaper, you can use it as cupboard liners; the backing of book shelves or even extra decor items like pasting it onto canvases or adding them as frame backgrounds etc.

*This wallpaper has an Offset Match and a minimum of 10-15% wastage. Use the chart to order the correct number of rolls for the height (most importantly) and the width of the walls you want to cover.

Additional Information:

Type of Wallpaper: Soak & Stick Wallpaper. Want easier wallpaper? See our Easy Premium Wallpaper.
Material: Vinyl Coated Wallpaper.
Texture: Slightly Textured.
Application Method: Prepasted Wallpaper
Apply using: Dip in water to activate (no need for paste).
Wash-ability: Washable (wipe clean with a damp cloth and mild soap).
Design Match: *Offset. Pattern Repeat: 27cm.
Removable? Yes, this Soak & Stick Wallpaper is strippable (i.e. Easier peel in one piece, may need some soaking and scraping). Need more removable wallpaper…see our Easy Premium Wallpaper.
– Other: Suitable for Kitchens and Bathrooms, Made in South Korea.

This Polynesian Tropical Leaves Wallpaper pack contains:

– 1 roll (52cm x 10m) of this White Polynesian Tropical Leaves Wallpaper from Norwall in the USA.
– You always receive: step-by-step product specific wallpaper instructions.

Polynesian Leaves Wallpaper – Tropical Banana Leaves White Wallpaper

These Broad Polynesian Palm leaves on a white background are also called Tropical Banana Leaves White wallpaper. Designed in a pen and ink-like technique, this wallpaper pattern looks stunning from far as well as close up! Very contemporary and unique in it’s design, we just can’t get enough of the tropical look. Part of Norwall’s Manor House range, this tropical leaves wallpaper adds warmth and ambiance to any room in your home.

Average Installation Time: 1.5 hours for one roll – but it gets quicker as you go so an average wall usually takes 3.5 hours.

Difficulty Level: 5/10. Want quicker and easier wallpaper? Immerse yourself in our Easy Premium Wallpaper.

Installation Instructions:


Weight 1 kg



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