Wall Sticker Colours and Personalised Decal Fonts

StickyThings Decal Colour Chart with 34 colours to choose from

Our Standard Wall Sticker Colours and Wall Decal Colour Chart:

This is our standard colour chart and for the majority of our wall decals, you can choose from any of these 34 wall sticker colours:
Jet Black, Grey, Dove Grey, Warm Grey, Light Grey, Snow White, Milk Tart, Sandy Toes, Nutmeg Forest, Choc Chips, Dark Roast, Bok Jersey, Lush Grass, Key Lime, Creamsoda Float, Aqua Marine, Topaz Ice, Cornflower Blue, Deep Sky, Azure Splash, Royal Wave, Navy Cadet, Purple Slushies, Lavender Bouquet, Pale Plum, Candy Floss, Raspberry Cerise, Rich Pinotage, Fire Engine Red, Naartjie Zest, Summer Sunshine, Matt Gold or Matt Silver.
Each wall tattoo page has a drop-down menu on top right where you can choose your colours.

Standard Wall Sticker Colours Explained:

Our Wall Stickers come in these standard “relatively bright” colours. This applied to wall stickers produced in South Africa as we have a limited supply of wall vinyl material available. We are hoping that as wall stickers become more popular, we will be able to offer a better selection of standard wall sticker colours.

Some of our wall decals and wall tattoos come with either parts/whole wall sticker in Pastels or Lighter Colours. The reason for this is that we don’t use the standard colour chart – but print those parts in full colour. This tends to increase the price by quite a lot so we do limit it to parts of the whole sticker.

Screen Colour vs Actual Wall Sticker:

Similar to that of choose a paint colour from those tiny paint swatches, our wall stickers don’t always look exactly as they do on your computer screen. First of all, the swatches are also quite small plus even worse; your screen colours are made up of RGB (Red, Green and Blue) and there are so many different types of screens these days (smart phones, ipads, laptops, desktops), that the colour you see is on the screen will never be an exact match. We have tried our best though to get it as close as possible.

At the end of the day (and we really do mean the end of the day here) – your wall sticker is going to change colour as the light in the room changes over the course of the day. The colour will look different at night compared to the daytime light.

Colour Questions

Q: Can I exchange or change the colour of my free gifts?

No, sorry. Your free gifts are on the same sheet as your wall sticker so the free gifts are always in the same colours. Each product states which colours the free gifts are.

Click here for More on Free Gifts.

Q: You don’t have the colour combinations I need, do you offer custom colours?

We can offer custom colours for certain wall stickers but you will need to email us and as it does incur extra costs.

Generally, if it is not on our standard colour chart, then we need to print full colour and it can push the price up by quite a bit if it is large parts of the wall sticker like tree trunks etc. We do find that neutral colours from our standard colour chart work well for large sections and then we can give you a quote on printing your custom colour. Feel free to send us a colour swatch as well.

More on Pastel Colours, Full Colour Printed Stickers and Custom Wall Sticker Colours:

Printers vary from one to another – even the same type of printer can be calibrated differently and print a slightly different colour from another printer. This means that for all our full colour printing, pastel colours and custom colours – the colour of the wall sticker is going to differ from the actual colour swatch, it will never be an exact match. Again, the screen changes the colour and the room light will also change the colour over the course of a day so it really isn’t the end of the world. We do try our absolute best to get the colour as similar as possible.

Pastel Decal Colour Chart has 24 colours to choose from


Personalised Decal Fonts

Here are the 10 Font Options we Offer for Personalised Name Stickers

Want to know what your Personalized Wall Sticker is going to look like? Here are all the letters of the 10 Font Options:

Kids Type

The real font name of our Kids Type Font is Kirby. It is a Fun Font and works really well for Kids, here are all the letters below.
Kids Type

Click here to see your personalised name in Kirby.


The real font name of our Modern Font is Futura. It is simple and clean, here are all the letters:

Modern Font

Cursive Style

The real font name of our Cursive Style Font is Callie Hand. One thing to note on this font is it is very flat and short, here are all the letters:Cursive Style

Click here to see your personalised name in Callie Font.

Roman Text

The real font name of our Roman Text Font is Georgia. This Serif font is similar to Times New Roman but a little more fancy, here are all the letters:
Roman Text


The real font name of our Typewriter Font is American Typewriter Bold. It works well in a vintage nursery, here are all the letters:

Typewriter Font

Neat Hand

The real font name of our Neat Hand Font is AnjelikaRose. We love the neatness of the letters but they still keep the loose feel of a handwritten font, here are all the letters:

Neat Hand Font

Curly Sue

The real font name of our Curly Sue Font is Sofia. A really modern way to show off a little girl’s name, just be aware that it does not work with all names – but we will let you know once you order if it is not going to work, here are some the letters:
Curly Sue Font

Fancy Pants

The real font name of our Fancy Pants Font is Precious. This is our most popular font and as much as we do offer it in the smaller 56cm size, it has such intricate detail when you stick it up, that is works best for the larger font size in 80cm, here are all the letters:

Fancy Pants

Click here to see your personalised name in Precious Font.


Monkey Font
The real font name of our Monkey Font is Ziggy Zoe. We love this font for a bit of fun with our Monkey Nursery Wall Decals and Safari Jungle Wall Sticker, it also matches our Winnie the Pooh Wall Sticker Font, here are all the letters:

Monkey Font

Click here to see your personalised name in Ziggy Zoe Font.

The real font name of our Playground Font is AlOzPoster. A very modern Children’s Font font which works well for Personalised Names, here are all the letters:

Playground Font