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Here are 5 of our top questions:

Yes, we do offer Custom Wall Stickers and Wallpaper in two parts:

1.) Custom Text Wall Stickers

We can custom design and produce wording and quote wall stickers for you. You are welcome to send us your design and we can send you a quote – or we do have these standard options on our website
Personalised Name Stickers to add your Child’s Name in one of our 10 Fonts (sizes are either 57cm wide or 1m wide) in a choice of 36 colours.
We also offer Custom Quote Wall Stickers where you give us your exact quote wording online and we insert it into a standard size quote wall decal – either 50cm x 57cm or 1m x 57cm. Again, choose your font and colour – but if you order online, all the words come standard all in the same size.

2.) Custom Designed Wallpaper

Unfortunately, we don’t offer custom designed wallpaper.

Yes, we do have a showcase of wallpaper books at the showroom – and some select stickers on the wall. It is not a shop, as we do not stock the products there – so you will need to order online after visiting the showroom and we will deliver to you by courier. The showroom is currently only open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 08h30-16h00.

We are only offering limited collections at the moment due to Covid-19, please contact Jackie on 072 142 9913 if you would like to collect.

The timing will depend on what exactly you have ordered:

1.) Most of our Wall Stickers (including Tailor-Made Wallpaper/Murals) are produced on order:  It usually takes us a 3-7 working days to produce as we custom produce especially for you.
2.) Roommates Peel & Stick: We have these products in stock so we usually dispatch them within 12-3 working days. If you ordered a Roommates together with one of our Wall Stickers above, we will dispatch them together so then it will be a few working days (up to a week).
3.) Imported Wallpaper and Wall Murals: We also, generally, have these in stock and we also dispatch them within 1-2 working days. If you ordered one of the above together with imported wallpaper and/or wall murals, you will receive 2 separate deliveries as they come from separate warehouses.

The delivery time depends on where you are but on average, after dispatch, you can expect delivery on the next working day within Gauteng, otherwise 2-3 working days for major cities and outlying areas can take more than a week.

Click here for a More Detailed Answer on Wall Sticker Production Timing.
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Short Answer: No, sorry. Your free gifts are on the same sheet as your wall sticker so the free gifts are always in the same colours or colour scheme. This is started on each individual wall sticker product.

Click here for More on Free Gifts.

If you are not price sensitive, we can run custom sheets in different colours – but it does add quite a bit to the costs. Contact us below for more info.

Short Answer: We can offer custom colours for certain wall stickers but it does become quite expensive as we need to run custom sheets for custom colours – but it does depend on the wall sticker. If you are not price sensitive, please let us know the colours and the stickers you would like and we can give you an idea of pricing.

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We would love to hear from you.

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Order Online:

The quickest way to get your order is to order on our website.

If you feel uncomfortable ordering online, we can do a manual invoice for you. Please email us what you would like to order plus your name, surname, delivery address and a delivery telephone number.


Call or WhatsApp Message:

+27 (0)72 142 9913

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Visit our Johannesburg Showroom:

(as we do not store everything in one location)
Open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (08h30-16h00):
1st Floor, Block A, Entrance 1,
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Gauteng, South Africa.

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