Wall Sticker Installation Guide

Wall Sticker Installation Guide

Below is our Wall Sticker Installation Guide that you will receive with your wall sticker order, which is going to look complicated and a bit overwhelming. We recommend that you glance over it very quickly now and once you have your order with your practice sticker in front of you, this all will all make sense.

We are literally showing you this so you know that we are thorough and are not going to leave you to figure it out yourself – we are giving you loads of information and step-by-step instructions to make it easy.

A little worried about installing the wall stickers?

You can do it!!

Our wall stickers are designed for first time installers so no need to worry about the sticking – literally 99% of our customers have never installed a wall sticker. We would never give you something you would not be able to do. We give you detailed instructions and possible design ideas. You even get a practice sticker with your order. In fact, we always ask our customers for feedback and tend to get a response like:

“We absolutely love the stickers!! It was so easy to apply and looks stunning!!!”

Easy to Install

Q: I am really worried about the sticking, don’t you have an installer that can do it for me?
We don’t offer it any more – for a number of reasons:

  1. It is very very expensive to get an installer – more than the cost of the actual wall sticker!
  2. Installers don’t always know how to install!! We had an interior designer who had to re-order her wall sticker as the installer stuck it incorrectly and it was completely skew. At least as a first time installer you will read the instructions properly and take the time and care that is needed.
  3. There are so many areas in South Africa and we had too many suppliers – and what we leant? Generally, installers are unreliable and our reputation is important to us. We concentrate on what we do best – designing wall stickers.
  4. If you are pregnant/have a physical disability/have no “crafting” ability/scared/overwhelmed/lazy (we really have heard it all!): we suggest a friend, life partner and even a domestic can help you put up the wall stickers. Even children are really good at wall stickers – make it more of an activity than a chore.
  5. It is something you are going to look at everyday – nothing better than knowing that you did it yourself with that bit of personal touch (no, that’s not really a reason, but we thought it may throw it in there to convince you!!).

You really can do it plus we are just a phone call away – and much like all the paragraphs we have written to convince you that you can install it yourself, our instructions are very detailed plus you get that all important practice sticker.

Q: What preparation should I do and what tools do I need to install the wall stickers?
All that you need is stated in our details instructions – but in the mean time:

Paint first: the paint needs to cure for 2 weeks before applying wall stickers

The following tools will help when you install the wall decals:
– Scissors
– Masking Tape
– Old Credit Card/Store Card
– Pencil
– Spirit Level, Measuring Tape and/or Ruler
– A friend always helps (especially if you are pregnant)


Locally Produced Wall Sticker Installation Guide:

Here is an installation guide for stickers that we produce on order – so not Peel and Stick.

We recommend that you glance over it very quickly now and once you have your order with your practice sticker in front of you, this all will all make sense.

Install Wall Sticker


Install Wall Decal