Modern Wallpaper in South Africa

Wow, Modern Wallpaper is sooo much easier than it used to be! Advances in materials and printing technology have enabled so many different types of modern wallpaper: from stronger Standard Wallpaper all the way to Coated Non-Woven Wallpaper! We even have 3D Paintable Wallpaper or Bling your space with Shiny, Glitter and Embellished Contemporary Wallpaper in South Africa. Modern Wallpaper is not the time-consuming and intimidating installation process that it used to be in times gone past!

Wallpaper has come a long way since the 70’s!

Wallpaper can be Super Easy to Install

Installation is where wallpaper companies have really spent their time developing their technologies – they understand that your time is limited and it should be easy to install and remove. The only catch is that the ease of wallpaper installation is directly proportionate to the cost of the wallpaper. In the majority of cases, you can easily tell how easy it is going to be by the price of the wallpaper. So, the main difference between the types of wallpaper we offer is the method of applying the wallpaper – whether its using paste on the paper, paste on the wall, activating the paste with water or no paste whatsoever!

Wallpaper Material Options (and installation overview):

The vast majority of wallpaper (and mural) products on our website are printed in bulk in the UK which makes them very cost-effective. The sizes, designs and material choices differ depending on the manufacturer so unfortunately, unless we custom print wallpaper (see last option below), we can’t change the available material options.

Each Manufacturer has product specific wallpaper installation instructions inside the package you receive but here is some more information on the differences in Material and their installation:

Bulk Printed Wallpaper Material Options:


Bulk Printed/Imported Wallpaper Material Options:

1.) Standard (Traditional) Wallpaper:

Most Cost Effective, a little Messy and requires Patience

Even our Standard Wallpaper is easier than it ever was. The paper does not tear as easily and many clients comment that is was much stronger than they expected it to be. Our Standard Wallpaper requires Wallpaper Paste* (optionally add to cart on with the wallpaper you are ordering). The method of installation is called “Paste the Paper” and you literally apply the paste to the back of the wallpaper before hanging. This method requires a process called “booking” where you softly fold the edges of the paper onto itself (for at least 5 mins per panel) to make sure there is also paste on the corners and edges. The reason for all this extra work is due to the fact that paper will expand when liquid is applied to it (i.e. paste) so without that time to soak, the wallpaper would shrink on the wall and there would be gaps between the panels. 

Its a little messy and requires patience – but well worth the extra effort to not have gaps between panels.

Here is a video on how to install Standard Modern Wallpaper:

2.) Soak and Stick (Pre-Pasted) Wallpaper:

No Paste required, but also a little Messy, most are Scrubbable

Our Soak and Stick Wallpaper range is a pre-pasted wallpaper, which means it already has adhesive on the back of the paper. All you do is activate the paste by dipping the wallpaper into a tray of water or spraying with a spray bottle. The paper also requires the “booking” and resting process after the paper has been soaked in water.

It is also quite messy but you don’t need to mix the paste – but you will need a tray and the booking does take time.

Here is a video on how to install Soak and Stick Modern Wallpaper:

3.) Easy Premium (Paste-the-Wall) Wallpaper:

Quicker and Easier Installation/Removal plus Washable

If you really want modern wallpaper, then our Easy Premium Wallpaper is the way to go. This wallpaper has a laminate coating which not only protects the wallpaper, makes it washable, helps withstand average steam but it also cuts your installation and removal time in half! When using “Paste-the-Wall” wallpaper, the wallpaper paste* is applied directly to the wall before hanging each panel. The laminate coating stops the paper from absorbing the paste, so there is no expansion or shrinkage (no booking required). It also comes off in whole panels so removing is much easier easy.

This method is much less messy, a much quicker and easier installation and removal – plus washable.

Here is a video on how to install Easy Premium Modern Wallpaper:

* Our Wallpaper Paste is a 100% natural product (compared to chemical/synthetic paste) so much healthier in the actual room and much softer on the skin.

The above is simply a general overview of modern wallpaper installation, we suggest reading the Wallpaper FAQ’s for more detailed information and advice on Wallpaper and Installation.