Free Gift with every Wall Art Order

Every online order for Wall Art always comes with FREE Gifts!

Free Gifts on most Wall Decals

Most of your Wall Decals and Sticky Back Products that are produced in South Africa and we always give Free Gift Wall Stickers (in a similar theme and colour scheme) with your online wall art order. Your order will come standard with the Free Gift s as stated on each product page. Normally, they are smaller than the wall sticker ordered, so they are great to integrate into the standard design or you can use them on furniture in the same room or even distribute them around your house.
On some of the larger stickers, Murals and Wallpaper; the free gift is an installation tool. This can used during installation and then can be re-used as a number of items like a door sign or bookmark! You will still need other tools for wallpaper and mural installation.

Yay, we love free gifts!

Q: Can I exchange or change the colour of the free gifts?
Short Answer: Sorry, your free gifts are on the same sheet as your wall art sticker so the free gifts are always in the same colour as what you ordered. Each product states which colours the free gifts are. You can get the free gifts in another colour but it is at an extra cost as we need to run a custom sheet, feel free to email us with your request.

Free Gifts on Wallpaper, Room Borders & Wall Murals

Our Wallpaper, Room Borders and Murals are more suited to give you a useful Wallpaper Smoothing Tool (it works well on all those products). Plus, we give you ideas on how to reuse your wallpapering tool (and optionally decorated if you have kids) as a hanging door sign or even a bookmark! No good throwing it away after you have used it.

Just to note you may still need other wallpapering tools depending the type of wallpaper you order.