How to Order Wall Art

We know how daunting it is shopping online can be – especially if you have never done it before. But – it is really easy on our website and by ordering your wall art online, your order gets logged into our production/dispatch system and you get all the updates by email as we go along with your order.

We take Security very seriously so all your details are kept private and we use a separate secure payment gateway called PayFast – they really know what they are doing (we know stickers, they know online security!!) – and you can do an instant EFT if you are worried about security or also pay by credit card (with a secure pin).

ORDERING ONLINE – the quickest way to order

Think you can’t do it? Scroll down at our pretty pictures (yes, we do love visuals) – we wouldn’t give you anything we thought you couldn’t do.

How to Order Wall Art:

How to Order Wall Decals

Still a little unsure of ordering Wall Art online?


1.) Don’t you have a Showroom I can look at before ordering?

Yes, we do have a showcase of wallpaper books (to touch and feel) at the showroom – and some select wall stickers on the wall. We do not stock the wallpaper at the showroom (as we don’t have the space there) but you are welcome to choose and pay for your wallpaper at the showroom and we will courier it to you for free. We do have some of wall stickers (marked in stock on the website) that you can buy (card payments only/cashless premises) at the showroom but the rest of our wall stickers are produced on order. Again, you are welcome to pay for your order and collect it when it is ready or we will courier it for free if over R1000.

2.) I don’t want to order online – can I rather order by email or telephone?

You know there are real people behind this store and you are not just a number so you can order by email – BUT, it is not our preferred method of ordering. 

If you cannot order online or are (quoting a real client here:) “a computer dummy”; you are welcome to send us an email or whatsapp with: which product you would like to order, colours, your name, surname, delivery address and delivery telephone number and we will mail a manual invoice and you can pay by EFT. Note that you will pay directly to us and not the online PayFast bank account, so rather wait for the manual invoice.

3.) My internet dropped while I was busy ordering, did you get my order?

Sometimes, there may have been a lost internet connection or a communication error during ordering. It mostly depends which step you were on when the intent dropped. Please check your email to see if you have any emails from PayFast or from StickyThings (also check your junk email just in case). If you don’t have any emails, your order probably did not go through – you are welcome to email us and we can double check for you.

4.) My order and/or payment went through twice, what should I do now?

You may have thought your order or payment didn’t go through and re-ordered the same thing or there was a connection problem on the PayFast system. Please email us and we will either cancel one of your orders and/or let PayFast know to cancel one of the payments if it has shown twice on your statement. Also, very easy to sort out so don’t worry too much.