Eco-Friendly, VOC-Free and/or PVC-Free Sustainable Wallpaper

Graham & Brown is a Carbon-Neutral manufacturer with all the electricity that they use, only from renewal sources. All their paper is from Sustainable sources and Managed Forests. For every tree they use, three more are planted – they have planted 16.5M trees this century. Even the machinery used in the forest runs on biodegradable fuel, so any leaks do not damage the eco system on the forest floor. They are accredited with ISO14001 which means we are deemed as a ‘low-risk’ to the environment. Their Inks are Water-Based, making them less harmful to the environment. They recycle all waste ink. All their wallpaper is VOC-free (safe for children and does not emit harmful chemicals over long periods of time once installed). Click here to read more about Graham & Brown’s sustainable wallpaper.

Holden is now offering 100% PVC free in some ranges. Those wallpapers have been produced without any PVC, chlorine, softeners, plasticisers, CFC, softeners, plasticiser nor solvents – which can lead to odours or migration. Instead their textures have been created by using eco-foam alongside water-based inks and coating systems which guarantee 100% healthy living. Their paper is also from FSC Certified sources, the gold standard in sustainable forest management. It complies with both the UK and European Unions Health and Safety requirements with the emission class A+.

We now print our Custom-Fit Murals in South Africa onto a PVC-Free Wallpaper Material. The inks are eco-conscious water-based inks which are kinder to the environment: with a UL GREENGUARD GOLD certification.

Our wallpaper paste is 100% natural, so contains so chemicals at all.
We understand, and are very aware, that this is very much based on the sustainability of the actual wallpaper and that the transportation from the U.K. does add to the carbon footprint of this product.

Just to note that even wallpaper printed in South Africa is printed onto imported material (which also needs to be transported) – so these are all some of the most sustainable wallpapers available in South Africa.

Here are the Graham & Brown VOC-Free and Holden PVC-Free Wallpapers we currently offer:

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