100% Wall Art Guarantee – its about integrity

We offer a 100% Wall Art Guarantee – this is because we are all about honesty and integrity and happy customers! So we, of course, offer a full guarantee and returns policy. We have tried to make it as comprehensive (but easy to understand), so we have:

7 Day “No Questions Asked” Refunds and Returns

Not what you expected?
If you have not altered your wall art in any way (i.e. for wall stickers you have not cut, used or stuck them – or in the case of imported wallpaper/murals: you have not opened the outer plastic packaging); then the cooling off period applies and you can get a full refund or replacement product by emailing us within 7 days of receipt. You will then need to send it back to one of our Johannesburg depots (product dependent) with a traceable delivery method and we will process the refund or replacement once we have received the wall art (and are satisfied that the conditions above have been met). It is the client’s responsibility to make sure the parcel is packaged in protective packaging and arrives in a salable state. The cooling off period does not apply to personalised, custom stickers/orders nor any design work that has already commenced i.e. personalised names and/or custom sizes and/or colours.


14 Day “Check for Faults” Quality Guarantee 

Not that we expect you to find any
– but for extra peace of mind and especially when it comes to imported wallpaper and murals, we have no way of checking if all the printing/product is defective as it is a closed package. We understand that you may need more than 7 days to check and /or start to install so we have an extra “check for faults” quality guarantee.

14 Days Faults Guarantee Conditions:

The following conditions within 14 days of receipt of your imported Wallpaper,  Murals and Acoustic Panels from us (a copy of this is also included in your wallpaper pack):

  1. Upon receiving your wallpaper/mural/acoustic panel (before you even book an installer, if applicable) please check the rolls/panels are undamaged, also check on the visible wallpaper manufacturer label that all the rolls have the same product code and batch number plus that their colours match. Please contact us if the batch numbers, product codes do not match prior to opening. Our guarantee does not extend to product codes, colours or batch numbers after opening.
  2. Once batches are checked please open the roll from packaging and unroll first few meters to check for any print errors or any unusual markings on the wallpaper. This is very rare, but sometimes during production, small errors can occur. For murals, make sure to lay out all the panels and check that they match up. Please contact us if there are defects on the roll, prior to installation. Our guarantee does not extend to print errors once the wallpaper is cut or installed on your wall. Please contact us if there are defects on the roll, prior to installation. Our guarantee does not extend to print errors once the wallpaper is cut or installed on your wall.
  3. Before you commence installation or apply paste (glue/screws where applicable), please check that there are sufficient rolls/panels to complete the job/that the supplied size is correct. Different pattern matches can lead to wastage. Proceed with cutting the product to desired lengths. Check that your drops align and there is no issue with matching the pattern/panels. Please contact us if the patterns do not align prior to installation. This guarantee excludes all labour costs as you must check for faults before you actually install any product.
  4. Please make sure that the surface on which the material is to be hung is checked thoroughly and suitably prepared for hanging. If you satisfied with the above 4 points, please read the instructions on the back of the manufacturer’s label – our “checking for faults” guarantee does not extend to wallpaper, murals nor acoustic panels after 14 days from receipt.

N.B. It is also your responsibility to make sure when using professional installers that they accept the terms above.

We cannot refund or replace any wallpaper, murals or acoustic panels that have already been installed onto the wall, that is why it is so important to check everything carefully before installation.

You can get a replacement if your product is faulty by emailing us within 14 days of receipt if there is a fault once the packaging has been opened (but not installed).


5 Year 100% Installed Wall Art Product Guarantee


All our products are guaranteed to last at least 5 years (from receipt of goods) when installed indoors (out of direct sunlight) and as per the instructions enclosed in your package (and/or on our website). Our products can withstand indirect sunlight, normal fluctuating indoor temperatures and some even light moisture (product dependent). This guarantee excludes all labour costs as you must check for faults before you actually install any product.
Our wall decals (and any product supplied on sticky back sticker material) are not guaranteed to stick to rough and textured walls. If your wall sticker is defective (and you have already cut or stuck it on the wall), we will gladly replace the defective parts/or whole sticker. Please be extra careful not get to get dust nor grubby finger marks on the back of repositionable Peel & Stick Decals as that will deem them ineffective and not under our guarantee.
Our 5 year guarantee also does not apply if you add to – or amend our products. Once products are painted or sealed with unknown products, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that they will last 5 years.

You can get a replacement/affected part replacement if your product has become faulty after being installed by emailing us within 5 years of receipt.



More on Refunds and Returns

Being a store that is run by real people that also buy “things”, we were surprised by how few online stores actually show their returns policy. We brushed up on The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) and The Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (ECT) and they really can be long-winded and complicated. So: we have tried to simplify our Wall Art Refunds and Returns into answers to your questions.

Common Questions

Q: Can I have a refund, rather than a replacement?
Yes, you can have a refund if you have not cut or used your stickers (this means that they are in the same condition with original packaging as you received them) within 7 days of receipt. This does not apply to personalised, custom wall art plus any design work that has already commenced. Please email us the details regarding your refund so we can process it. The Electronic Communications and Transactions (ECT) Act then states that you will need to send the original package back to us using a traceable (number emailed to us) delivery method so we can inspect the goods prior to the refund being given.

Q: Does your returns policy cover personalised wall stickers and custom wall stickers?
The Cooling off period does not apply to personalised, custom wall stickers nor design work that has already commenced. If your personalised wall sticker is defective, then the returns policy does apply and we will replace any part that is defective.

Q: My sticker has lines in it when I took it out of the tube, is that defective?
It is completely normal to have lines in your stickers when you take them out of the tube. It is just from being rolled in the tube and is especially the case if they have been rolled for long periods of time or in winter, when it is cold. In 90% of the cases, this does not mean your sticker is defective. Please follow the general instructions on how to get these lines out, even if there are lines in the top layer, it does not necessarily mean the sticker material has lines in it. If it does or you cannot get them out, please email us.

Q: I am not happy with the colour of the product, what now?
For wall stickers, decals and sticky back material: Do not cut, stick or use the wall stickers.
For Wallpaper and Murals: do no open the outer plastic packaging.

Rather e-mail us first and we can see what we can do (different products have different colour options/solutions) so it depends on what you have ordered. We cannot guarantee anything after 14 days of receipt and the variation in colour does not mean a sticker is defective. Sometimes, there is just no other colour option or like digital printers: they vary from printer-to-printer so one printer will print a slight variation of the same colour depending on the printer. We are, however, reasonable and understand that décor colour schemes are important so email us and we can go from there.

Maybe we can convince you to: grow happy with your colour:
We do say on our colour page (and terms & conditions) that screen colours (RGB) will differ slightly from the actual sticker colours (flat standard colour and CMYK full colour printing). It is also often difficult to see the colour of wall stickers with the top layer and seeing a small swatch where you lifted it off (similar to paint) looks completely different once a large area is done on a wall. Another consideration is that the light in the room will change depending on the time of the day. For instance, Colours can look completely different at night (we know you are busy and sometimes are installing at night) in comparison to bright sunlight at noon. Lastly, it is not a bad thing to have variations of the same hue (monotone) within in one room, it is more old fashioned that everything should match exactly – variations create interest – there are no set rules anymore!

Q: My wall art arrived damaged or were lost in transit, will you replace them?
Your order was in perfect condition when it was dispatched and is fully insured by our courier company. We also place them in protective cardboard tubes, so even if they get a little battered on the outside or the tube looks damaged, the actual stickers generally aren’t actually damaged. If this is not the case, please let us know and we can do an investigation with the courier company.

 More questions? Please contact us and we can chat about it.