5cm Confetti Pastel Polka Dot Wall Sticker – 70 Pastel Confetti Dots


Our 5cm Confetti Pastel Polka Dot Wall Sticker is a set of 70 Peel and Stick Confetti Dots. Free delivery in South Africa over R1000 plus free dots.

70 Peel and Stick Pastel Dot Decals:

Confetti Pastel Polka Dot Wall Sticker comes standard in Light and Dark Pastel Colours: Soft Yellow, Pale Green, Pastel Orange, Pink, Light Pink, Soft Turquoise, Turquoise and Light Purple.
These colours are loosely based on our Pastel Colour Chart, some are exact matches or lighter/darker shades of: Lemon Chello, Peaches & Cream, Cosmos Field, African Violet, Baby Blue, Powder Blue and Mint Tea.

You can also order the Muted Confetti Dot Vinyl Stickers on this page, which are 21 Different Muted Rainbow Colours (see smaller tent photo).

Confetti Pastel Polka Dot Wall Sticker Finished Size:

If positioned like our photo, the Confetti Pastel Wall Sticker measures approx. 2m x 2m (h).
The stickers are designed to cover an area of about 4 square meters –  but you could have them closer together or more spread out, it’s up to you. We have excluded the 5 free polka dots in the measurement.

Pastel Scheme Dot Sticker pack contains:

– 70 Peel and Stick Polka Dots (5cm each) in 8 different Pastel Colours.
– FREE: 5 Polka Dots (5cm each) in same colour scheme.
– You always receive: a practice wall art sticker, step-by-step wall decal instructions plus sticker specific design instructions.

5cm Confetti Pastel Polka Dot Wall Sticker – 70 Peel and Stick Pastel Confetti Dots

Our Confetti Pastel Polka Dot Wall Sticker can change the walls of your nursery in one afternoon! They are also easily removable, so no messy wallpaper glue and they are easy to apply. Each peel and stick pastel dot wall sticker comes separately so you can position the polka dots in any pattern on your wall.

You could make them look like confetti as we have in the photo, position the dots in a measured design or even use them as one long border! We also really love the pastel colours of these pastel dots and you don’t have to use all the colours, you can pick and choose to suit your nursery colour scheme. And: Get 5 confetti dots in same colour scheme for free! We also have these 5cm Confetti Dot Decals in a smaller 3cm Pastel Dot Sticker version or you can order the dot decals in one colour (like white or black etc).

Average Installation Time: 1 hour.

Difficulty Level: 3/10. Very detailed instructions included, all our stickers are designed for first timers – so don’t worry.

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