Princess Castle Wall Art Decal – Castle Wall Vinyl


Our Princess Castle Wall Art Decal consists of a princess castle with clouds and stars, slipper on pillow and wand – all in pinks and purples. Free gift rainbow in same colour scheme.


Princess Castle Wall Art Decal Colour Options: 

Princess Princess Castle Wall Art Decal Colours:
Standard Colours are Bright Pink, Medium Pink, Dusty Pink, Lavender Purple, Violet and variations of Pinks and Purples. None of the colours are from our standard colour chart.

Princess Wall Art Sticker Finished Size:

If positioned like main photo, the Princess Castle Wall Art Sticker measures approx. 1.75m x 1.5m (h).

Princess Wall Art Tattoo pack contains:

– Princess Castle Wall Sticker: Castle alone (46.5cm x 57.5cm)
– Princess Paraphernalia: Princess Wand (17cm x 33cm); Princess Slipper on Pillow (22cm x 17cm); 2 Hearts (Largest: 13cm x 10cm, Smallest: 10cm x 8cm); 2 Clouds (Largest: 26cm x 15cm, Smallest: 16cm x 9cm); 22 Stars (Largest: 8cm, Smallest: 3.5cm) and 4 Butterflies (Largest: 7.5cm, Smallest: 5.5cm).
– FREE: Princess Rainbow on 2 Clouds (48cm x 22cm).
– You always receive: a practice wall art sticker, step-by-step wall decal instructions plus sticker specific design instructions.

Princess Castle Wall Art Decal

The Princess Castle Wall Art Decal not only has a castle with 4 storeys and 7 towers. It also has built-in heart windows complete with stars and flags plus an engraved drawbridge! What more can a princess ask for? Maybe a Princess Wall Sticker should also come with some Princess paraphernalia! How about a Princess wand, Princess Slipper on a Pillow (based on Cinderella), Magical Stars, Hearts and even dusty clouds complete the fairytale. And: Get a Rainbow (shown in photo) in the same colour scheme for free. Did you know that at Disney land in California, there is not only the famous Cinderella Castle, but a Sleeping Beauty Castle as well? We also have a Princess Personalised Name Decal to match.

Average Installation Time: 3 hours

Difficulty Level: 4/10. Very detailed instructions included, all our stickers are designed for first timers – so don’t worry.


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  1. Melanie Strydom

    Stickers are fabulous. Easy to work with and lots of fun to get design done. My daughter absolutely loves her room.

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