Christmas Wall Vinyl – Reindeer Names Decal


The Christmas Wall Vinyl is a list of 9 of the most famous reindeer names!! Also includes  Rudolph’s red nose plus get free courier delivery in South Africa.

Reindeer Names Decal Colour Options: 

Christmas Wall Decal Sticker Colours:
This Christmas Wall Vinyl comes in Jet Black, Grey, Dove Grey, Warm Grey, Light Grey, Snow White, Milk Tart, Sandy Toes, Nutmeg Forest, Choc Chips, Dark Roast, Bok Jersey, Lush Grass, Key Lime, Creamsoda Float, Aqua Marine, Topaz Ice, Cornflower Blue, Deep Sky, Azure Splash, Royal Wave, Navy Cadet, Purple Slushies, Lavender Bouquet, Pale Plum, Candy Floss, Raspberry Cerise, Rich Pinotage, Fire Engine Red, Naartjie Zest, Summer Sunshine, Matt Gold or Matt Silver.

Standard Vinyl Decal Colour:
Rudolph’s nose always comes in Fire Engine Red.

Christmas Wall Art Finished Size:

If positioned like main photo, the Christmas Wall Vinyl measures approx. 95cm 55cm (h).

Christmas Reindeer Wall Sticker pack contains:

– 9 Reindeer Names (95cm x 55.5cm)
– Free Wall Sticker: Rudolph’s red nose.
– You always receive: a practice wall art sticker, step-by-step wall decal instructions plus sticker specific design instructions.

Christmas Wall Vinyl Decal

A really modern take on an old poem, this Christmas Wall Vinyl contains the names of Santa’s most famous reindeer! in fact, the poem known as The Night Before Christmas was written in 1823 and contains all 8 reindeer names and according to Wikipedia, is arguably the basis of the reindeers’ popularity! Our Reindeer Christmas Decal lists all their names one underneath the other: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, DonnerBlitzen and did you know Rudolph was only added later! After he got his own song, they though that he deserved to be added to the famous reindeer list!! The 9 names all come separately so you can use them all together like we have or split them up and use them in one long line or spread the reindeer cheer all around he house. Plus: Get Rudolph’s red nose to add to your decal for free!

Average Installation Time: 1 hour

Difficulty Level: 4/10. Very detailed instructions included, all our stickers are designed for first timers – so don’t worry.

Weight 2 kg


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