Raw Oak MDF Acoustic Slat Wood Panel – 3D Paintable Akhupanel Slat Wall

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This Raw Oak MDF Acoustic Slat Wood Panel is a 2.4m or 2.7m Akhupanel Slat Wall. Courier delivery across South Africa plus get R100 off each panel (sale price already shows R100 discount).
Due to the size of these ready-made Panels, there is a standard R250 courier delivery fee per order (any 1-8 panels) in South Africa. Please contact us if you would like to order more than 8 panels.


How many panels do you need?

2.4m or 2.7m Paintable Akhupanel Slat Wall Colour Options: 

This Acoustic Slat Wood Panel comes in six colour options:

  • Raw Oak (uncoated/paintable) – black inner/black felt
  • Neutral Oak (oak wood veneer) – black inner/ black felt
  • Dark Walnut (brown wood veneer) – black inner/black felt
  • Midnight Ebony (charcoal black wood veneer) – black inner/black felt
  • Grey Driftwood (warm grey wood veneer) – black inner/black felt
  • Light Birch (whitewashed wood veneer) – black inner/black felt

All our Acoustic Slat Wood Panels are backed with black recycled PET felt and the MDF wooden slats all have black inners/cores (and sides).

Unsure of which colour?
Why not order some slat wall panel samples.

Akhupanel Wood Slat Panel Size Options:

Each felt backed sound dampening panel is 60.5cm (width) x 2.1cm (depth) and is available in 2 height options:

  • 2.4m : 240cm tall (each panel is approx. 1.44 m2).
  • 2.7m: 270cm tall (each panel is approx. 1.62 m2).
  • Is your wall higher than 2.7m?
    You can join panels together (but you can see the join so we suggest making that a feature by adding LED lighting at the join) or if you wall is under 2.7m in width, you can run the panels horizontally instead.
    We do also have some non-standard limited colour options in 3m high, otherwise can supply sustainable decorative (non-acoustic but still sound dampening) slat panels for heights up to 5.8m (min order 10 panels). Please contact us for more details on those.

How many Panels do I need?

Use our Wood Panel Calculator below, otherwise please e-mail or WhatsApp us if you are unsure or for more complicated wall sizes:

Additional Information:

Wood Panel Size: 15 wood slats (each 25mm wide) affixed onto black felt, finished size of 2.1cm x 60.5cm x 2.4m or 2.7m.
Weight: 13kgs.
Wood Slat Type: Straight edge medium density fiber board (MDF) with Black Core (density 800kg/m³).
– Felt: 9mm RPET recycled black felt (density 1430kg/m³).
Veneer Species: Wood look veneer – or our Raw Oak is natural uncoated MDF, so it is recommended to paint or seal the panel (to stop finger marks etc).
Installation Method: Glued (see video below) or Mounted.
Apply using: High Tack Polymer Adhesive or Screws (we recommend black screws).
Wash-ability: Lightly washable (wipe clean with a dry cloth) and vacuum cleaner.
Moisture: Not suitable for high moisture areas.
Design Match: Straight/Parallel match (designed for one panel to slot into the previous panel).
Sustainability: Recycled RPET (majority plastic bottles) Black Felt backing.
Fire Rating: Fire proof – Class A for Felt.
Sound Rating:
Mounted (with 400mm spaced 40mm battens with acoustic mineral wool): Class A sound rating, the highest noise dampening class attainable.
Glued: Class D sound rating (even just by covering 25% of your space will make a difference to dampen the reverberation/improves acoustics).
Removable? It is easier to remove if installed with screws.
Other: Our usual 5 year guarantee is applicable on all the panels unless there are other products added –  like paint or sealer on the Raw Oak that changes the properties of the wood, which is at the customer’s discretion and does not fall under our guarantee.

Scandinavian inspired 3D Slat Wall Panels:

– Cladi Acoustic Slat Wood Panel (605mm x 2400mm or 2700mm x 21mm) in chosen colour choice.
– FREE: R100 off each panel (already shown in sale product price).

Raw Oak Acoustic Slat Panel – Paintable Akhupanel 3D Wood Wall Panels

Improving the acoustics of your room with this Akhupanel Raw Oak MDF Acoustic Slat Wood Panel. Not only do they dampen noise, they also add a natural warmth and that extra element of texture. Supplied in 2.4m or 2.7m height, our wood slat panels can be installed vertically or horizontally – and work really well on ceilings!

The Raw Oak colourway is uncoated so as much as it can be left raw, we know that high traffic areas (and grubby hands) can leave marks so it has been designed for you to either add a wood stain and sealant – or paint it in the colour of choice.  To order the sealed version of this panel, the Neutral Oak is the exact same colour, but is has a coated oak veneer.

These acoustic panels come ready to install, so you can get that minimalistic Scandinavian look within a matter of hours. Depending on the acoustics required; these DIY wood wall panels can either be installed directly onto the wall using high-tack adhesive (see video below), screwed in – or to get the highest noise dampening class attainable, they can be installed over acoustic wool inside battens. No matter which method you choose, filling just 25% of your space will make a difference to dampen the reverberation and improve the acoustics.

Designed with sustainability in mind, the black felt backing is made from RPET (mostly recycled plastic bottles) and is fully recyclable (we would suggest adhering to the with screws so it is easy to remove). Take a look at all our other 3D Slat Panels. Plus, get R100 off per panel (discount already shown in sale price).

Average Installation Time: Each acoustic panel takes about around 20-30 minutes to install (for Class D acoustics – glued or mounted).

Difficulty Level: 4/10. It is more time consuming than difficult – but you will need a little bit of DIY experience and a helper.

Installation Instructions (Glue method):

Weight 13 kg

Cladi 3D Wall Panels by StickyThings


Cladi Wall Panels

Acoustic Panel Colour

Raw Oak (uncoated/paintable) – black inner/black felt, Neutral Oak (oak wood veneer) – black inner/ black felt, Dark Walnut (brown wood veneer) – black inner/black felt, Midnight Ebony (charcoal black wood veneer) – black inner/black felt, Grey Driftwood (warm grey wood veneer) – black inner/black felt, Light Birch (whitewashed wood veneer) – black inner/black felt

Wall Panel Height (panel width 60.5cm)

2.4m (240cm) Panel, 2.7m (270cm) Panel


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