How long does it take for wall stickers in South Africa?


How long does it take to get my Order?

The Shorted Version:


Production = a few working days to a week
(depends on the day of the week that you order + which product you order/how big and how many colours your wall sticker is made up of).
Courier = South Africa: overnight to a week (depends on on the product and where it is being delivered to: overnight in Johannesburg/Midrand/Pretoria; 2-3 working days in Major Cities BUT delivery can take up to a week and sometimes even more for remote areas of South Africa).

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We know how exciting it is to order your wall stickers and we know you have busy lives with weekends to plan and babies to prepare for – so we really try and get the stickers out as soon as possible.

We don’t keep stock on our South African produced Wall Decals due to the number of products and the variations of wall sticker colours – plus, it is always better to work with “fresh” stickers – so we produce on order.

Order Wall Stickers

When you order online, the payment (EFT or Credit Card) is instant so your order gets logged into our production system automatically.

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THEN WE PRODUCE/PACK YOUR WALL STICKER (Usually a few days to a week)

The timing of our Wall Tattoo production mostly depends on 2 things:

  • Day of the week you Order: usually if you order over the weekend or up until Tuesday morning-ish, we try our best to dispatch your wall sticker on the Thursday or Friday (obviously Thursday is first prize so if you are in Johannesburg or Pretoria, then you can stick over the weekend). This is not guaranteed as sometimes our production is very busy or a vinyl stock delay or even load-shedding can delay us – so it can take more than a week to dispatch your wall decal.
  • Which Product you Order: Most of our products are [produced in South Africa and the larger/more complex/more colour variations that your wall sticker has, the longer it takes to produce. There is a manual labour component that is time consuming plus at times, our production can get quite busy.  For imported wallpaper, murals, room borders and peel & stick decals – there is no production time and we usually pack them within 1 business day. There can be a slightly longer delivery time though as we use a different courier company due to larger box and tube sizes.
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THEN WE COURIER YOUR WALL ART IN SOUTH AFRICA (Overnight to more than a week)

Once your wall sticker order is ready, we pack it and dispatch it by courier. We send you the courier tracking number by email as soon as they collect, that way you can get a good idea of when to expect delivery and you can track it online.

Courier Delivery timing mostly depends on your area:

  • Wall Stickers in Johannesburg, Wall Stickers in Midrand and Wall Stickers in Pretoria: For locally produced wall stickers, it usually arrives the following working day after dispatch. For imported products (like wallpaper, murals, peel & stick decals) it takes 2-3 working days to arrive after dispatch.
  • Wall Stickers in Cape Town, Wall Stickers in Durban, Wall Stickers in Bloemfontein, Wall Decals Port Elizabeth and other Major Cities (and some towns) in South Africa: it usually takes about 2-3 working days after dispatch. They drive to these cities from Johannesburg on the night of dispatch and arrive the next afternoon, so it only gets loaded for delivery for the next morning.
  • Wall Stickers in South Africa (rest of the country): usually 3 working days to more than a week. Most of the reasoning is that your wall sticker gets sent to the nearest major city and then gets driven from there to outlying areas. Sometimes, they only drive certain areas once a week so it all depends on their routes.
  • International Courier Delivery: On average it takes 5-7 working days to Neighbouring Countries from dispatch.
  • Other Factors: There are loads of reasons for delays in delivery – the most common is overworked courier drivers that have too many deliveries for one day – but there are times where there is a vehicle breakdown/ accident on their route/load shedding and robots are out or the delivery is loaded into the incorrect vehicle and only gets rectified the next day.

Here is more information on delivery and an exact listing of areas for Wall Stickers in South Africa and International.

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