Killer Whale Wall Mural – Delight of Life Underwater Wallpaper Mural


This Killer Whale Wall Mural is a stunning Delight of Life Underwater Wallpaper Mural. Free courier delivery in South Africa plus free wallpapering tool.

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Delight of Life Underwater Wallpaper Mural Standard Colours: 

The Killer Whale Wall Mural is a stunning underwater scene of a coral reef with whales and tropical fish. Dominated by blues, this mural also contains  bright colours like yellows, purples, black, greys and white to name a few.

Underwater Wall Mural Size:

This Under the Sea Wall Mural measures 3.84m x 2.60m (h) and comes in 8 panels.

Is the mural is too small for your space?

This mural is bulk printed in Germany, so we can’t change the size nor the colours.
Unfortunately, it has not been designed for 2 murals to fit seamlessly next to each (i.e. you will see a difference where the one ends and the other begins), we do wish that was not the case.
It does depend on the room/furniture but we mostly suggest putting it in the middle of the space starting at the ceiling (otherwise completely in the middle so the the wall will frame it). Some clients then afterwards, to paint the sides a matching colour – otherwise it is best to use wallpaper (that fits any size wall) but it is the same pattern repeated over again (rather than the left and right being different designs like a photo).

Additional Information:

Type of Wallpaper: Easy Premium Wallpaper (Easy to install, Easy to remove).
Material: 130 g/m² High Quality Non-Woven Wallpaper.
– Number of Panels: 8 Panel Mural.
Texture: Smooth.
Application Method: Paste the Wall. It’s the new, simple way to hang wallpaper!
Apply using: Wallpaper Paste (just add to your order).
Wash-ability: Washable (wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove marks caused by everyday life).
Design Match: None.
Removable? Definitely, our Easy Premium Wallpaper is strippable. Strippable wallpapers can be dry stripped from the wall and should not leave any backing behind.
Other: Can be trimmed to size if needed, butt join panels (that do not overlap), covers small cracks and dents in the wall, easy to handle and to apply, high light-resistance and durability, made in Germany.

Killer Whale Wall Mural pack contains:

– Delight of Life Wall Mural: 8 Panels make up 3.84m x 2.60m.
– FREE: Wallpapering Tool – that can be reused (and optionally decorated if you have kids) as a hanging door sign or even a bookmark.
– You always receive: step-by-step product specific wall mural instructions.

Killer Whale Wall Mural – Delight of Life Underwater Wallpaper Mural

This magical Underwater Killer Whale Wall Mural is made by Anaglypta. The Delight of Life under water scene depicts 4 killer whales, 2 stingrays and tropical fish- all swimming through lively coral reef. There is nothing as majestic as a Killer Whale and you will feel the peacefulness that this underwater mural brings whenever you gaze upon it. This Killer Whale Wall Art measures 384cm x 260cm and is an 8 part underwater wall mural, it also includes a free wallpapering tool.

Average Installation Time: This Delight of life Wallpaper Mural takes about 3 hours to install.

Difficulty Level: 3/10.

Weight 1 kg



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