Blue Moroccan Tile Wallpaper – Scrubbable Blue Tile Printed Wallpaper


This Blue Moroccan Tile Wallpaper is a Norwall Scrubbable Blue Tile Printed Wallpaper. Free courier delivery in South Africa plus free wallpapering tool.

Scrubbable Blue Tile Printed Wallpaper Standard Colours: 

This Blue Moroccan Tile Wallpaper comes in ceramic white with shades of blue patterns within the tiles. There are also touches ofgrey in the tile “grouting”. The wallpaper also has a matt sheen coating that gives the feeling of a subtle ceramic tile texture.

Blue Tiles Wallpaper Roll Size:

Each roll is 52cm x 10m long. We have a minimum order quantity of 2 rolls for this Blue Tile Illusion Wallpaper – this is enough to fill an average sized (3m x 2.8m) South African wall.

How much Wallpaper do I need?

Each roll covers up to up to 5.2m² but we suggest being more conservative with your measurements as there can be a 10% wastage. Please use our handy Wallpaper Chart (which takes that wastage into account) in our pictures to check how much you need to order.

Keep in mind that wallpaper is printed in batches (loads of rolls at once) but each batch can have slight colour differences. So, using the idea of “ordering more later” may result in colour variances. We suggest instead to order a little more than you need all together to ensure the colour is the same. Then, if there is leftover wallpaper, you can use it as cupboard liners; the backing of book shelves or even extra decor items like pasting it onto canvases or adding them as frame backgrounds etc.

Additional Information:

Type of Wallpaper: Soak & Stick Wallpaper.
Material: Solid Vinyl Wallpaper.
Texture: Slight Matt Sheen Texture (makes it look more realistic).
Application Method: Prepasted Wallpaper.
Apply using: Spray Water Bottle activates glue (no need for paste).
Wash-ability: Washable and Scrubbable (has matt sheen coating for protection).
Design Match: Straight. Pattern Repeat: 53cm.
Removable? Yes, this Soak & Stick Wallpaper is peelable and strippable (i.e. Easier peel in one piece, may need a little soaking and scraping).
– Other: Suitable for Kitchens and Bathrooms, Made in South Korea.

Faux Tile Wallpaper pack contains:

– Minimum of 2 rolls (52cm x 10m) of this Blue Tile Wallpaper from Norwall in the USA.
– FREE: Wallpapering Tool – that can be reused (and optionally decorated if you have kids) as a hanging door sign or even a bookmark.
– You always receive: step-by-step product specific wallpaper instructions.

Blue Moroccan Tile Wallpaper – Scrubbable Blue Tile Printed Wallpaper

This beautiful Blue Moroccan Tile Wallpaper has the look of painted tin-glazed ceramic tiles. The grout and realistic subtle cracks add to it’s authentic charm and authenticity. Part of Norwall’s Creative Kitchen wallpaper range, this wallpaper pays homage to an ornamental art form of hand painted design. Sealed with a matt sheen laminate that not only protects the wallpaper – but also has slight ceramic tile texture so it feels real. This Moroccan tile wallpaper is washable and scrubabble, so this wallpaper a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, get a reusable wallpaper smoothing tool for free!

Can I stick this wallpaper over existing Ceramic Tiles?

In theory, ceramic tiles are manufactured to make them easy to clean – but this also means that wallpaper paste doesn’t stick to them either. The wallpaper may initially stick but will peel over time. The only way to make the wallpaper stick in the long term is to damage the tiles. Click here for more information on how to wallpaper over ceramic tile.
We also suggest using Lining Paper on top of the ceramic tiles to smooth them out before installing wallpaper, contact us to order Lining Paper.

Average Installation Time: 1.5 hours for one roll – but it gets quicker as you go so an average wall usually takes 3.5 hours.

Difficulty Level: 5/10. Want quicker and easier wallpaper? Immerse yourself in our Easy Premium Wallpaper.

Installation Instructions:


Weight 1 kg



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