Hoppy Pond Wall Decals – Peel and Stick Kids Bathroom Wall Stickers


These Hoppy Pond Wall Decals are Roommates Peel and Stick Kids Bathroom Wall Stickers. Free courier delivery in South Africa over R1000 and free decals.

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RoomMates Peel and Stick Kids Bathroom Wall Stickers Standard Colours: 

These Hoppy Pond Wall Decals come printed onto clear material from a real hand painted artwork by Anthony Morrow. The main colours featured are blues, greens, pinks, oranges, reds, browns, grey, white and black.

Kids Wetland Wall Stickers Finished Size:

If positioned like main photo, these RoomMates Peel & Stick Fish and Frogs Wall Art Sticker measure approx. 1m x 55cm (h).

Additional Information:

Type of Wall Decal: Peel & Stick Wall Sticker.
Material: Printed onto Clear Flexible Vinyl Material which allow edges to blend into walls.
Wash-ability: Washable (wipe clean with a damp cloth to remove marks caused by everyday life).
Removable? Yes, so easy to remove and reapply, Leaves no sticky residue behind after being removed.
Repositionable: Roommates Decals can be repositioned (if you make a mistake) or want to move them around the room. Plus, if you move home, you can just reapply them back onto their original backing sheet for re-use!
Sticks to: Applies to any smooth, slick, clean, and dry surface (not for delicate or textured surfaces).
– Other: Works best on light coloured walls, Official Roommates Product, Made in the USA.

Hoppy Pond Wall Decals pack contains:

4 Sheets (each sheet measures 25cm x 45cm) of 40 Wall Stickers (decals range from 5cm x 5cm to 24cm x 44cm):
– Vegetation: Large Pond, 9 grass strands, 2 lily pads with lotus flowers and 2 growing flowers.
– Animals: 4 Dragonflies, 3 fish, 2 frogs, a centipede, snail and 2 butterflies.
– Free Gifts: 2 turtles, 4 extra grass strands, an extra centipede and snail, 2 extra lily pads with lotus flowers, an extra growing flower and 2 extra butterflies (all are shown on the sheet photos).
– You always receive: Roommates step-by-step product specific peel and stick decal instructions.

Hoppy Pond Wall Decals – Peel and Stick Kids Bathroom Wall Stickers

Create your very own mural with this set of Hoppy Pond wall stickers. This pack of Kids Bathroom stickers (although you can use them in any room of the house) comes with its own little water pond, tall grasses, lily pads and whimsical flowers.

Complete your masterpiece with a few pond critters like colorful centipedes, butterflies, dragonflies, gold fish, swirly snails and fun-loving jumping frogs. Yes, it’s almost all of what little boys of made of: frogs, snails and….get some puppy dogs here.

It all comes together to create fun and fresh decor for kids in this authentic hand-painted style. It looks like you have painted it on the wall yourself! Like all RoomMates Decor, these wall stickers are so easy to apply to any flat surface and can be moved and re-applied at any time.

These wetland decals also work well as a counting exercise whilst kids are in the bath and they can stick onto glass and tiles and are waterproof once stuck (the surface needs to be dry and dust free before sticking) Be sure to check out the some of our Frog Wall Stickers range. Plus, get matching baby animal decals (as shown on sheet photos) for free!
© 2007 Anthony Morrow

Average Installation Time: 1 hour (we also recommend laying them flat for at least a day before using them).

Difficulty Level: 1/10. Very detailed instructions included, all Roommates stickers are designed for first timers – so don’t worry.

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