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Our Under the Sea Bathroom Decal is a large wall decal for bathroom – or an under the sea nursery theme. Free Delivery in South Africa plus Free gifts too!

Under the Sea Bathroom Decal Standard Colours: 

Mutli-coloured (colours for the bathroom decal not shown on the standard colour chart): variations of darker and lighter pastel colours.

Under the Sea Bathroom Wall Stickers Finished Size:

If positioned like our photo, the Aquarium Wall Art measures approx. 2m x 1.7m (h).

Under the Sea Wall Art pack contains:

– Under the Sea Animals: Whale (blue: 40cm x 29cm); 2 Dolphins (turquoise: 33cm x 21cm and blue: 23cm x 37cm); Octopus (purple: 24cm x 30cm); Sea Turtle (green: 32cm x 22cm); Sea Horse (orange: 14cm x 23cm); Crab (red: 24 x 13cm); 2 Clown fish (yellow/blue: 14cm and orange/white: 9cm); 4 Starfish (yellow: 12cm; orange: 10cm; 2 green: 5cm) and 9 colourful Fish Decals (largest: 13cm x 10cm and smallest: 5cm x 4cm).
– Other Under the Sea Elements: 8 Strands Seaweed (green: smallest is 18cm tall and largest is 37cm tall); 2 strands floating seaweed (green: 13cm x 31cm and 15cm x 24cm); 2 Coral (turquoise: 16cm and orange: 11.5cm); Conch Shell (pink: 13cm x 8cm); 2 scallop shells (10cm); 3 sand mounds (brown: largest 6.5cm and smallest 2cm) and 3 rocks (grey: largest is 8cm x 3cm and smallest is 3cm x 2cm).
– FREE: 40 Bubbles (light blue/white: largest is 7cm and smallest is 2cm).
– You always receive: a practice wall art sticker, step-by-step wall decal instructions plus sticker specific design instructions.

Under the Sea Bathroom Decal

Our Under the Sea Bathroom Decal is designed for a bathroom – but would work equally well as an under the sea nursery theme. It has a whale, dolphins, an octopus, sea turtle, seahorse, crab and schools of fish too! Under the Sea wouldn’t be complete without a Nemo clown fish – nor shells, seaweed, rocks, sand and coral as well. Each element comes separately so you can position the aquarium decal as you wish. The stickers are perfect for bathrooms as they are water resistant and stick well to tiles, glass shower doors, windows and even porcelain – think flat and smooth. Wall stickers don’t stick that well to grouting but we have given some suggestions in your instructions on how to overcome this. And: Get 40 bubbles (as shown in main photo) for free!

Average Installation Time: 3 hours

Difficulty Level: 4/10. Very detailed instructions included, all our stickers are designed for first timers – so don’t worry.

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