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Our Custom Bible Quote Wall Art is your own Bible Verse wall decal – choose from 18 colours. Free gift and free courier delivery across South Africa!


Which Word should be Large? * 

Let us know if you would like the first or last word in Fancy Cursive

Custom Bible Quote

Type the Bible Verse (including the first/last word) plus if you would like the inverted commas etc.

Verse Reference (Optional)

Type where the Verse comes from (Case Sensitive, Grammar like Colons must be added)

Afrikaans Bible Verse Wall Sticker Colour Options: 

Afrikaans Bible Verse Wall Sticker is available in Jet Black, Grey, Dove Grey, Warm Grey, Light Grey, Snow White, Milk Tart, Sandy Toes, Nutmeg Forest, Choc Chips, Dark Roast, Bok Jersey, Lush Grass, Key Lime, Creamsoda Float, Aqua Marine, Topaz Ice, Cornflower Blue, Deep Sky, Azure Splash, Royal Wave, Navy Cadet, Purple Slushies, Lavender Bouquet, Pale Plum, Candy Floss, Raspberry Cerise, Rich Pinotage, Fire Engine Red, Naartjie Zest, Summer Sunshine, Matt Gold, Matt Silver or Mirror Metallic Rose Gold.

Want the same Colours as the Main Photo? 
The main photo of the Afrikaans Bible Verse Wall Sticker is Snow White.

Afrikaans Bible Verse Wall Decal Finished Size:

It depends on the exact quote, but we try to fill the entire sheet of 1m x 57cm (h). The maximum dimensions of your quote will more than likely be at least 99cm wide or 56cm high.

More on the sizing of Custom Bible Wall Art:

This Bible Verse Decal is designed to have one word or two small words in Fancy Cursive at the beginning of the bible verse. The free swirl and Cross are designed to also go with the first word. The rest of the bible quote wall sticker is in Times New Roman Bold Italic (made to look like it is from the Bible) and in small underneath that, is where the verse is found in the Bible. As much as this is a custom wall sticker, there is a standard format that needs to be followed. The first word is the largest and the rest of the verse after that. The longer your verse, the smaller the large word will be plus the rest of the words of the verse will also be smaller. The shorter the verse, the bigger the size of the words will be. We don’t want to limit you but we do recommend not using more than 20 words in the verse – the letters become so fine that it becomes very difficult to install. Please contact us if you have lots more words and need a larger Custom Bible Verse Decal (2m x 57cm).

We understand that certain Bible Verses are better suited for the last word of the verse to be the largest in Fancy Cursive. Also, as shown in our photos, for Afrikaans, it can be the second last word as well. Please specify if you would like the first word of your verse or the last word to be the largest. We cannot do any other words except the first or the last word (or second last word) as the largest, sorry.

Bible Verse Wall Sticker Pack contains:

– Your Custom Bible Verse Wall Art (fits on a sheet that is 1m x 57cm).
– FREE: Swirl with a Christian Cross (together approx. 42cm x 17cm). This is optional and if your verse is not a bible verse, you don’t need to use the Cross.
– You always receive: a practice wall art sticker, step-by-step wall decal instructions plus sticker specific design instructions.

Afrikaans Bible Verse Wall Sticker

This Afrikaans Bible Verse Wall Sticker is your to see your personal Bible Verse on a Wall Decal. It is amazing how the meaning of some verses changes from English to Afrikaans, the meaning is so much stronger in your own language. Here is a reference for Afrikaans Bible Verses. And: Get the swirl and the Cross (optional) as shown in the photo in the same colour scheme for free! We also have an English Version of this Bible Quote Wall Sticker.

Average Installation Time: 40 mins

Difficulty Level: 4/10. Very detailed instructions included, all our stickers are designed for first timers – so don’t worry.

Weight N/A


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