1200 Grade Lining Paper – Double Roll 20m White Lining Paper


This popular Wall Paper is available on backorder, please contact us for the next shipment date.

This 1200 Grade Lining Paper is a Double Roll 20m White Lining Wallpaper. Free delivery over R1000 in South Africa plus free installation tool.

Available on back-order

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Double Roll 20m White Lining Paper Colours: 

This 1200 Grade Lining Paper comes in paintable white.

Smoothing Paper under Wallpaper Roll Size:

Each roll is 56cm x 20m. This is enough to cover -+10m²) South African wall.

How much Wallpaper do I need?

Each roll of Thick Paintable Lining Paper covers up to up to A roll covers -+10m² but we suggest being more conservative with your measurements as there can be a 20% wastage. Please use our handy Wallpaper Chart (which takes that wastage into account) in our pictures to check how much you need to order.

Additional Information:

Type of Wallpaper: Standard Wallpaper (made of paper, its a little messy and TLC is required to install).
Material: Lining Paper, Plain, Paintable.
Texture: Textured.
Application Method: Paste the Paper.
Apply using: A good quality adhesive suitable for heavyweight papers, like our Wallpaper Paste.
Wash-ability: Washable.
Design Match: Free Match. Pattern Repeat: N/A.
Removable? Yes, our textured wallpaper is peelable. This means it will peel off the wall leaving some of the backing behind. The backing can be often removed with soap and water, but sometimes a wallpaper removal solution may be necessary. Need more removable wallpaper…see our Easy Premium Wallpaper.
– Other: Suitable for Kitchens and Bathrooms, This wallpaper is an easy to use paste the paper product. Allow the wallpaper 24 – 48hrs to dry prior to installing a wallpaper of your choice, Excellent Surface for Paint, Disguises Imperfections, Made in the UK.

1200 Grade Lining Paper pack contains:

– 1 x Double Roll of  1200 Grade Lining Paper Double (56cm x 20m)
– FREE: Wallpapering Tool – that can be reused (and optionally decorated if you have kids) as a hanging door sign or even a bookmark.
– You always receive: step-by-step product specific wallpaper instructions.

1200 Grade Lining Paper – Double Roll 20m White Lining Paper

This 1700 Grade Lining Paper by Anaglypta protects and prepares new plaster for paint or wallpaper. The paper will cover and smooth over minor imperfections on your walls prior to painting or hanging decorative wallpaper. The outer surface of the paper has a finish that disguises brush and roller tracks while the inner surface is smoother so you can choose which one is right for you. Please ensure you read instructions carefully before use to get the best possible results. We recommend that you use a heavy duty wallpaper paste (like ours) to hang this wallpaper. Plus, get a reusable wallpaper smoothing tool for free!

Average Installation Time: 2 hours for one roll – but it gets quicker as you go so an average wall usually takes 3 hours.

Difficulty Level: 5/10. Want quicker and easier wallpaper? Immerse yourself in our Easy Premium Wallpaper.

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 53 cm



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