Are you an Interior Decorator?

If so, we have worked with many interior decorators over the years – and prefer to work on a job-by-job basis. This makes the relationship more personal and we can give better recommendations as each job is unique. That said, we previously only specialised in wall vinyl and stickers and now have grown and expanded into wallpaper and wall murals.

We do still very much offer small discounts to interiors decorators on our wall stickers on a job-by-job basis. The discount offered depends on the actual products and quantity required. In general, we do not offer any additional discount on Sale products and we can, obviously, offer larger discounts on larger quantities.

If you are new to StickyThings, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to enquire about our discount on wall stickers.

If you require wallpaper or murals for your client, we can also offer a small discount on both of those – again, it will be on a job-by-job basis so please fill in the form and we can let you know the discount offered. We do not have sample books of every range of wallpaper, if you require samples (up to 5) or need a sample book (we only have two available), see below.

Do you offer samples of your wall stickers or wallpaper?

For the wall stickers, we do have small colour swatches and test samples available at our showroom at no charge (within reason). If you would like these to be couriered to you, the cost in South Africa is R97.00. Please contact us for more information about wall decal samples.

We do not have samples of wall murals as they are so large, but we do have a few murals up in our showroom if you would like to see the quality.

We do now offer wallpaper samples on most of our wallpaper – just to note that we do not stock them at the showroom, so if you would like to collect, they need to be pre-ordered (at least 1-2 working days) or choose courier delivery (the timing will be very similar). Our sample pack is made up of 5 samples (we do not have everything but will try our best to include all your choices). Click here to order a sample pack.

If you require a sample book (bound sample book format to show clients), please read the next section.

Do you offer Resale (larger) discounts to interior designers and have wallpaper sample books?

The small discount offered on most of our products is more based on the assumption that most interior decorators are making their money on consulting fees. We do also understand that that may not be the case and you may be dependent on the resale of the wallpaper at a higher profit margin and show clients a showcase of wallpaper in a bound sample book. Currently, we only offer this with two of our ranges – The Decorator Range and The Paintable Range:

1.) The Decorator Range: 

more…see the whole The Decorator Range

Click here to buy The Decorator Book.

2.) The Paintable Range: 

more…see the whole 3D Paintable Range


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