Covering Ceramic or Cupboards

Can I cover Ceramic Tiles or Cupboard Doors?

We often get queries about using StickyThings product for covering ceramic or cupboards – tiles or doors. 

In theory, smooth ceramic tiles are manufactured with a coating to make them hygienic and very easy to clean – but this also means that wallpaper paste doesn’t stick to them. The wallpaper may initially stick but will peel over time if stuck with wallpaper paste. The only way to make the wallpaper stick in the long term is to damage the tiles in some way.
This can either be done by using an angle grinder to create some texture/roughness (large X’s work well) in the tiles for the paste to stick to.
The other option would be to paint the ceramic tiles with Tile Primer Paint (from your local hardware) and then a coat of PVA Paint. You will need to wait at least 2 weeks between painting and wallpapering. We also suggest using Lining Paper on top of the ceramic tiles to smooth them out before installing wallpaper as wallpaper will always follow the shape of the surface below. Wall liners are frequently installed by cross lining them horizontally.

Please contact us or click the link below to order Lining Paper as it is possible covering ceramic or cupboards with Stickythings Art!

Does covering ceramic tiles with wall stickers work?

Yes, wall stickers love the smoothness of ceramic tiles but will not adhere to the grouting between the tiles. We therefore suggest sticking stickers in the exact size of your tiles. Wall Stickers can withstand steam but they should not be placed under running water like inside a shower/on the side of the the bath etc.

Can I cover Floor Tiles?

Our wall sticker material and wallpapers are not made to cover floor tiles. Even specific floor vinyl material may stick and look nice to start, but over time dirt gets stuck on the edges and they can start peeling up. From a hygiene and longevity point of view, you should rather consider retiling or painting them with a floor tile paint.

Covering Wood, Counter Tops or Cupboard Doors

The answer very much depends on the actual surface:

Raw Wood:

All wood will need to be sealed in some way.
For wall stickers (like our ruler growth charts) and matt laminated vinyl wallpaper, the wood needs to sealed with a varnish or paint (so there is no dust and it is as smooth as possible).
For wallpaper, the wood will need to be sealed with a PVA paint at the vert least. This is mostly to stop the wood from absorbing the all the paste and the wallpaper peeling off.
For both options, you will need to wait at least 2 weeks between painting and sticking/wallpapering.

Sealed Wood:

For wood that has already been sealed (with varnish or paint), it will depend on if you would like to use wallpaper or wall stickers.
As above, wall stickers need smooth and sheen surface and wallpaper needs a bit of roughness for the paste to stick to. So, if you would like to wallpaper on old wooden cupboard that is varnished, then you will need to sand it or paint over it with a PVA paint.
Please be aware that Chalk Paint with a Wax coating will need to be completely removed before sealing the wood.


Very similar in design to ceramic tiles, melamine is made to easily wipe clean so wall stickers will stick to it but not wallpaper stuck with paste. 
We mostly supply decorative shapes and designs to go onto melamine cupboards.
As soon as you want to completely cover melamine – especially in the kitchen (we know it could seem like a easy way to make your cupboards high gloss or change their colour etc.), it ends up with the same long-term issues as trying to cover floor tiles. Over time, dirt gets stuck on the edges which is unhygienic and can cause it to peel up, so we do not recommend trying to cover melamine with vinyl or wallpaper.
Instead, there are paints available that are specifically designed to cover Melamine or talk to your local cupboard supplier whom can make recommendations.
In saying the above, we have seen many clients completely cover melamine cupboards (even in wallpaper) in other rooms of the house like bedrooms, offices and passages. We do not recommend it, but we have seen it being done.

Counter Tops and Desks:

The same as Melamine (but even more so due to the high traffic they get), we do not suggest covering desks or counter tops with wallpaper or completely covering with vinyl. We do offer small decorative designs and shapes to go onto desks, but not completely wrap them.


So yes, its possible covering ceramic or cupboards – tiles and doors, but you do need to do some preparation work first.