Wall Stickers and Rough Walls

Rough Walls Wall Stickers

If you’re unsure about wall stickers rough walls – here is some info and answers for you. It’s always best to test with your practice sticker in an inconspicuous area and see if it works.

This is the Official Version about Wall Stickers Rough Walls:

Our guarantee, refunds and returns policy does not apply to rough and textured walls (as per terms & conditions plus on every product page) – even replacement stickers will also not stick to a textured wall.’

Our Wall Stickers aren’t suitable for rough and bumpy surfaces (even walls) – think clean and smooth. The surface needs to be completely flat and smooth and clean (no dust or dirt). Examples of surfaces that are not suitable are: face brick, any type of textured plaster or paint, cinder blocks (or other porous surfaces),”orange peel” or textured walls, wallpaper and delicate surfaces. We do not guarantee our wall stickers on rough or textured surfaces.

One of the reasons we don’t guarantee it, is that we can’t see your walls – it is about perception and opinion. Some clients have those huge plastered peaks or uneven 90’s plastering that they would call textured, whereas some clients can think that standard matt paint on a flat wall may also be textured.

A good gauge is: imagine that “clear sticky stuff you used to cover your school books in”- if that will stick, then our wall stickers should stick.

The un-Official Version:

Even though we don’t guarantee it, we have had customers who have taken the chance and had success on textured walls:

Your sticker was absolutely amazing…We managed to even stick a few on a textured wall and they’ve stayed put!”
 Tamaryn Pask

If you are willing to take the chance, like many of our clients – it becomes more about if you are willing to “help” your wall sticker stick. One other consideration is that the larger the area of the sticker, the more surface area it has to stick, which helps!

 It does stick  although I think we will also have to press it down the first month to ensure it stays down.”

Some ideas we have heard of include (we do not specifically recommend any these methods, were just listing ideas we have heard from clients)
– Re-pushing the wall stickers on the edges for a few weeks (we have personally used this method on slightly textured walls and it worked! -but it does depend on your sticker and your wall).
– Using a little wood glue or double sided tape on the edges (this method will damage your walls).
– Sticking the stickers onto a large wooden board or perspex and putting that up on the wall.
– Willingness to stick your wall sticker on other surfaces in the room (if the practice sticker does not stick to your walls). For instance: cupboards; desks; ceilings; windows; doors etc.

So, the bottom line is that your wall sticker is not guaranteed to stick to a rough wall but we have seen it happen.

One other thing to consider if you have textured walls:

The white doesn’t work that well on the textured surface – it shows the bumps more than a darker colour.”

Still unsure? If you are serious about purchasing a wall sticker but extremely worried about your rough walls, you are welcome to drop us a mail and we can send you a practice sticker.