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Sticky Things - Wall Stickers South Africa to our wide range of high quality decorative wall stickers. If you were ever looking a contemporary wall decor solution that looks professional and personal, then you have come to the right place!

StickyThings always offers FREE GIFTS with every order.  Every wall art sticker order comes with a free gift. It is always a set of stickers in a complimentary theme and colour scheme to your order so you never end up getting anything you don't want! Click on each Wall Sticker product to view the product specific free gift.

FREE DELIVERY in Johannesburg and Pretoria: Free overnight (working days) Courier Delivery in Johannesburg and Pretoria, yes please!

Some people refer to wall stickers as wall decals, wall graphics, wall art or even wall tattoos! All our wall decor stickers are temporary and fully removable wall stickers, although they can last years! On average, they can last up to 2-3 years indoors and do not damage your walls at all. They are perfect for kids rooms wall stickers as their taste changes over the years, so can their wall stickers or even as interior decor wall stickers in your lounge or dining room and can change as your colours and taste changes over the years.

Wall Stickers is a general term that applies to virtually all sticky wall decor, we sell wall stickers online and although they are called "wall stickers", they are not only for your walls! These decorative wall decals can used as: glass decals, furniture stickers, glass stickers (like sliding door stickers, window stickers, shower door stickers), tile decals in the bathroom or kitchen, appliance stickers (like fridge stickers, washing machine stickers), laptop stickers or even car decals!

We deliver wall stickers by post or by courier delivery for wall stickers South Africa. We also ship wall stickers overseas, which is a real bonus for South Africans living abroad. Based in South Africa, we cater for delivery of Wall Stickers Cape Town, Wall Stickers Johannesburg, Wall Stickers Durban or anywhere around the country. Wall Stickers Click here for more info on Shipping and Returns. Our Wall Stickers are a make wall decal vinyl and can be used as Bedroom Wall Stickers, Nursery Wall Stickers, Bathroom Wall Stickers, Lounge Wall Stickers, Appliance Stickers, Laptop Stickers, Kids Wall Stickers, Teen Wall Stickers and we even have Afrikaans Muur Plakkers!

Our decorative stickers come in a range of styles and tastes and cater for the following designs: baby wall stickers, flower wall stickers, sports wall stickers, and wall sticker quotes. 

We also stock Giant Wall Stickers that stand 2m tall or very small wall stickers that can be stuck as a laptop sticker or blender sticker. This modern wall decor is the latest thing to in decorative stickers and we are proud to offer you a contemporary kids room decor ideas and baby nursery decor ideas.

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